Oh my!

I’ve been so busy with the electronic pipes that I forgot to blog for nearly a whole year! Well it’s been an interesting year with lots of interesting things, but I had to blog on this. I will also blog later on our new show “Blunderbuss and Badger”, Liverpool pirate entertainers, that I’m doing with Broxy.

The Phoneyphone was created for Hope Street Limited as part of their Spring Heeled Jack in Everton project. It allows the stories and music gathered in their archive to be explored in an interesting and interactive way.

It is constructed from Arduino and Wave Shield. Presented within an antique Cambridge Instruments case, and decorated with copper tubing, quartz crystal and antique automotive horns. It is controlled with steel switches and buttons.

I enjoyed making it so much. I hope more work like this comes my way!

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I appear to have accidentally become a national spokesman against Pogonophobia (The fear and hatred of beards).
This was through my involvement with The British Bead Club and The Liverbeards.

The BBC is in a bit of a kerfuffle because Jeremy Paxman has grown a beard. It shouldn’t be a big deal but he has unearthed a lot of beard haters! Good luck to him.

I had a spot on BBC Radio Merseyside, shortly followed by a spot on national television on BBC Breakfast.

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Even More Liver Sketch Club

Another couple of visits to the Liver Sketch Club has produced some more splendid portraits! This time I chose to dress as a steam liner captain.

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Fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run

The fifth Liverpolitan Tweed Run saw magnificent weather and a marvellous ride down the prom from the Pier Head to the Festival Gardens, onto the the Rose Of Mossley for refreshments, back through Sefton Park, Princes Park and finishing in town.

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Albert Dock Pirate Weekend

Captain Jack Frenchie Hawkins Pirate Albert Dock MercedesKathryn Rigby Pirate Liverpool Albert DockMycroft Milverton Pirate Albert DockKathryn RigbyMycroft Milverton Kathryn Rigby Pirate Liverpool Albert DockZebu Pirate Albert Dock

This weekend was the Albert Dock Pirate Weekend. Kathryn Rigby (Captain Arabella Drummond) and myself (Quartermaster Widebeard the Pirate), now proud members of the Zebu crew were out and about engaging the crowds. Talking to the the young pirates, posing for photographs, leading the parade, singing and handing out treasure maps.

Meanwhile the more experienced pirates were sailing around the Albert Dock, firing muskets and cannons at each other and hitting each other with swords.

I made it into the paper… Portly Pirate though! I’ll have that scurvy dog hack for shark bait!

Mycroft Milverton Pirate Liverpool Echo

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Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Liverpool Tattoo ConventionLiverpool Tattoo Convention
Liverpool Tattoo Convention Dismembered EmpireLiverpool Tattoo Convention

Dismembered Empire performed “The Reorientation of Tobias Renshaw” at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention.

I got to reprise the role of Professor Zong and my new props got their debut.

The new props were Galvanomesmeric Batons, Diagnostic Engine and Reorientation Helmet.

The convention was fun! I felt right at home!

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