Duck Tails

DSCF3188Duck Tails

Today I did my first day volunteering at the Liverpool World Museum. “Go Quackers” currently has 40,000 rubber ducks and are promoting Claire House’s Duck Race in July.

Today’s project was get children involved in drawing ducks and “Identity hands” for the DNA exhibit. Although most of my time was spent keeping the tables tidy, sticking pictures on walls, replacing tops on felt tips, and doing the “get a grown up to help you” thing with scissors, I did get to do some drawings, colouring and a bit of origami myself. My drawing style is very childlike anyway, so I fit right in! And I took great pride in writing Mycroft, Age 38 on everything I did!

I was particularly fond of the time I spent with Liam (5) who didn’t want to draw a duck. He wanted to draw a dinosaur. A Tyranosaurus-Rex to be specific. And he wanted me to show him how. I said “I can show you how to draw one, but I don’t know how to colour one in, can you show me how to do that?” So he did. And we ended up with with a pair of bright and colourful Dinos.

This was so very very different to my everyday life. It was refreshing and exhausting at the same time!


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