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I have just completed my first Arduino Project. It’s pretending to be an Oscar Belle Two Band Transistor Radio (Made in Hong Kong in the early 1960s).

What it is really doing is playing 24 music tracks that I preloaded onto an SD card in WAV format. There are also 10 tuning noises tracks that get played when the tuner is turned.

Because this is the first time I did this I had a lot of help. Firstly the chaps and chapesses at Hackspace have been very supportive in teaching me how to use and Arduino, particularly Adrian McEwan and Oomlout. Also Jingle Joe who supervised my soldering of the Wave Shield, Brox who helped me decipher the ancient mysteries of FAT16 and Esme who helped dismantle the original radio… PS I did do some of it myself!

The music clips you can hear on the radio are from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and Professor Elemental.

My original plan was to house the Arduino in a 1950s Marconiphone. However the radio I bought turned out to work perfectly once warmed up. I didn’t have the heart to gut it!



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15 Responses to Radio Arduino

  1. Neil Morrin says:

    That is Cool Mycroft, I want to make one myself now.

  2. Mycroft says:

    Thanks Neil, I wouldn’t have done any of this if I hadn’t been to How Why DIY at Nerve! I am already thinking about what to do next!

  3. Nice project, some of those old cases look great so it’s nice to see them re-used.

    • Mycroft says:

      Thanks Andy! My first choice was to use the 1950s Marconiphone case.
      I must admit I was rather disappointed when I found it was in perfect working order!
      I couldn’t bear to gut it.

  4. Retrophile says:

    Love this. Love @prof_elemental. But most of all, love the use of the breadboard .

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  12. What a neat story here, instructive line I enjoyed it very much, really cool!!!!!!!! Everett Walbrecht

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