Light Night


We had an enormously pleasurable Light Night. We met up with friends at a vintage fair, visited the Walker Art Gallery and then St George’s Hall.

We ended up at the ADA where they had loads going on! While there I went to Maker Night and demonstrated my Radio Arduino and pompously inflated my part in building Cupcake to visitors to the Fab Lab while popping out to see what else was happening. Cupcake did her first test extrusion. We should be printing objects next month! The other things happening in the ADA were Draw the Line, a photography exhibit about Northern Ireland, an Astrophysics Q&A, a real/virtual canoe, a giant cock, a trailer for Violet City and a candlelit labyrinth!

Marvellous fun!
Light Night is becoming tremendously successful!
The only problem is that there is too much choice!!!
Let’s have it more often so I can see the bits I missed!


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