Radio Arduino – Classic Edition

Mycroft Milverton Radio Arduino ClassicRadio Arduino Classic Dials Knobs FrontRadio Arduino Classic Tuner Wavelength Dials KnobsRadio Arduino Classic Tuner Medium Wavelength Dial

I have just finished making and programming Radio Arduino Classic Edition.

Radio Arduino Classic Edition pretends to be a valve radio using an old valve radio case, Arduino, Adafruit Waveshield, Maplic Amplifier, home made pulley (CD Sandwich) and a rubber band to turn a potentiometer. Radio Arduino has 4 Wavelengths. Can play 60 tracks in Normal Mode, and thousands in Easter Egg Mode.

Radio Arduino Classic Edition is due to by exhibited at METAL for the launch of the Edge Hill Archives 12th November to 16th December.

Many thanks to Martin Dunschen for fishing the radio out of a skip for me and cycling it to my house!

Radio Arduino Classic Insides BackRadio Arduino Classic Insides CD Pulley Sandwich Rubber Band Tuner Potentiometer

Radio Arduino Classic Tuner Wavelength Channel Knob Knobs

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