The Liverpool League of Gentlemen and Extraordinary Ladies

A crowd who stands out of the crowd! People who mix old with new.
Steampunks, Flaneurs, Victorian Goths, Chaps, Vintage Eccentrics, Ruritanians and Homotopians.

On the stairs of Croxteth HallThe coachman's day offIMG_0031IMG_0500Icarus Clore, Curator of Mesozoic Megafauna presents the gift of an oriental clock to the visiting ambassador of the feather beasts of Zygon 7IMG_0095DSCF1500Expedition of Discovery
I am so excited about the Evil PlanPenguin Hunt 031DSCF1548DSCF6270DSCF6286Victorian Christmas at Edge Hill Station, including the "World Premiere" of my first solo performance. "T'was the Curious Incident of the Night Before Christmas". Video available in my memoirs. and Mycroft capture a submarine for examination in their underwater bunker. See my memoirs at the the Air Kraken! See my memoirs at of Discovery of Discovery

What people are saying about the Liverpool League of Gentlemen and Extraordinary Ladies:

runnymede: a bunch of nutters

ROB.J.WARD: A very eccentric looking trio.

ctbullt: For a momment I thought this was the debut of a new Carry On film.

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